New Douglas Justice Talks Posted
Hello all, happy wet spring!  Given that I have not been out in the garden much lately, I had a bit of time to get caught up in processing videos for the website. These particular videos capture monthly talks given by Douglas Justice from the UBC Botanical Garden.   These talks entitled 'UBC Garden Bouquet' are really entertaining and informative talks that Douglas gives based on a whole host of cuttings that he brings to our meetings.  I myself have learned about so many interesting plants that I've never heard of, and some very facinating facts about them.  These are roughly 15 min videos with names of each plant provided usually along with close up pictures of each plant.   They are a big highlight of our meetings.  Please do check them out.  You simply click on the button to the left entitled "UBC Garden Bouquet".  The videos will play right in your web browser.  Enjoy!
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