LIke Rock Gardens? You MUST Watch This Video
Helllo all, how about that 20C lovely spring weather eh?  Ya, I know, bad joke.   Well, at least the rhodos love this weather.  Changing topics, I have had some more time to process and post some of our speaker videos.  This time i was able to actually watch, and process the video from David Sellars entitled “Chaos in the Rock Garden: Putting Theory into Practice”.  Boy I wish I was actually able to attend this talk, good thing someone recorded it.  This was a facinating presentation.  David talks about looking at how nature arranges itself, particularly looking at natures greatest rock gardens.  The initial part of the session looks at how chaos theory plays into the arrangement of rock, and the alpine plants within them.  David then takes this new knowledge and applies it to building our own rock gardens with a good review of how he did this in his own garden.  The presentation is very well laid out, beautiful photography, and just all around entertaining.  Do check it out here.  Just click on the little green icon  next to David's session to watch the video.  Enjoy!
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