Announcing Very Special Event
As president of the Vancouver Rhododendron Society,  it is my pleasure to announce a special event we have planned for 7:30 pm on Tuesday, April 11 - a talk by Dr. Hartwig Schepker from Bremen, Germany on the “Great Rhododendron Gardens of Europe”. 

The talk will be held at St Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Centre Meeting Hall, 3150 Ash St., at the corner of 16th Ave and Ash. There is ample off-street parking accessed from 14th Ave. There will be no  entry fee, of course, but a few baked goods for the refreshment table would be appreciated. 

Personally, I’ve attended Hartwig’s talks on two separate occasions and I can say without qualification he’s a very knowledgeable, energetic and totally engaging speaker.

Here’s a brief bio on Hartwig:

Dr. Hartwig Schepker is the Scientific Director of the Botanic Garden and Rhododendron-Park Bremen, home of one of the largest Rhododendron collections in the world. He is also the Secretary of the German Rhododendron Society and co-editor of the society’s publication “Rhododendron und Immergrüne”. Hartwig has been on several rhododendron trips in South East Asia and North America, including four journeys to Arunachal Pradesh between 2005 and 2012. His main objectives are to promote the important ecological functions of Rhododendrons in their native habitats and to point out the long and important role of rhododendrons in the history of gardening in Germany.

 His talk is entitled 'The Rhododendron Gardens of Europe'.  Hartwig will show images and discuss some of the finest gardens in Europe, specifically those that feature outstanding collections of rhododendrons. He will take us on a journey through the United Kingdom and into continental Europe including Italy, Denmark and Germany among others. This will be a lavishly illustrated and very enjoyable insider’s look at some of the most beautiful gardens in the world. 

Chris Hodgson, Pres. VRS

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