New Feature - Douglas Justice - UBC Botanical Garden
We are pleased to announce that we have a new section here on the VRS website for you to enjoy.  Its called the UBC Garden Bouquet.

At each meeting, we are very privilaged to have Douglas Justice, Associate Director, Curator of Collections at the UBC Botanical Garden, bring in a bouquet of cuttings.  Douglas is a long time member of the VRS.  He brings these cuttings from interesting plants at the UBC Botanical Garden that just happen to be showing their glory at the particular time of year.  Douglas, being a highly knowledgable plantsman, gives a 15-20 minute presentation covering each plant, some history, characteristics, and many other interesting facts.  The plants are passed around through the audience so each member can see, smell, touch (hopefully not taste) the plants.  Its is a wonderfully informative session and definitely a popular segment of our monthly meetings.

I, myself as a plant enthusiast, athough with so much to learn, really enjoy these sessions.  Many of us in the audience can often be whispering " I want that ... I have that ... oh i haven't seen that one before ... that grows here?" and so on.  

I have finally found a way to record these sessions and post them for everyone to enjoy.   What is also highly useful is that I have included the names of each plant overlayed in the video prensetation along with close-up photos of each plant.  I just wish I started this earlier!

This first presentation is from our meeting of February 18, 2015 . Since we're having an early spring-like weather, Douglas brought many interesting plants that are well on their way to emerging from their winter nap.

A big thank you to Douglas for sharing his time and wisdom with us. 

Please do consider coming to see us at one of our upcoming meetings.  Vistors are welcome.



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