2002 - 2003 PROGRAM

Sep 19th, 2002 Jeanine Smith, 'Sikkim Adventure 2002'
Oct 17th, 2002 Hideo Suzuki,  ‘Akagi Nature Park and its Collection of Three-leaf Azaleas’
Nov 21st, 2002
Steve Hootman and Peter Wharton,  'The Expedition to the Dulong Jiang, NW Yunnan, 2001'
Feb 20th, 2003
Robert Van Pelt, ‘Giant Trees in the Puget Sound and Pacific Northwest - a Global Perspective’
Mar 1st, 2003 Clive L. Justice,  ‘The Pacific Northwest Rhododendron Improvers’
Mar 20th, 2003 David Gilliland, 'Brook Hall: The Demesne, its Gardens, and its Arboretum'
Apr 17th,  2003 Peter Cunnington, 'Rhododendrons and Related Plants from Home and Abroad'